Color Topography

Color Topography for diagnosis of Keratoconus

Right Eye

Left Eye

Color Cornea topography has been instrumental in detecting both early and late keratoconus. This technology is derived from the one used for surface mapping of the moon and mars. In essence it is an elevation map of the cornea showing elevations and depressions. On mars, it shoed the mountains and the valleys. The warmer colors indicated elevations or steepining and te cooler colors depict the valleys or flatter areas.
The above topography from a patient suffering from keratoconus shows inferotemporal steepeing in both the eyes. the left eye steepining and hence bilging of cornea is more than that in the right eye. The keratometric numbers are shown on bottomof the picture and to the right is key for for the colors on the map.

The topography helps in implantation and positioning of intacs for treatment of keratoconus. it is also used to monitor the effects of treatment of cornea cross linking.

Intacs, Cornea Crosslinking,Implantable Collamer lens and Astigmatic Laser