The Pathology of Keratoconus. Each layer of the cornea is affected. In the epithillum the cells are enlarged and elongated There is degeneration of basal epithelial cells and also degeneration of bowmans membrane. This breakdown of the natural barriers leads to epithillium cells migrating behind the bowmans membrane and the collegan getting deposited in front of the epithillium. This cuases z shaped interrutptions which result in scars. Stroma Interestly enough in Keratoconus the collegen fibers are of normal size. The low numbers of Collegean Lamilee lead to Stroma Thinning. That is the size of the collegian fibrils is fine but the quantity is deficient. And therefore not able to withstand the force of the internal pressure of the eye. Endothelum: Pleasmorphism + Polymegathism The Pathological cornea are more common at cornea base than the apex.

If you want to learn a little more about who first documented the disease of keratoconus, see history of keratoconus.

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