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Welcome. If you or a loved has been recently diagnosed with keratoconus or been long suffering from corneal keratoconus, help is here. The goal is to educate and help understand the disease process of keratoconus eye disease. This will decrease fear, help plan better treatment for keratoconus and lead a more productive comfortable life.

Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea of the eye. Cornea is the clear transparent part of the front of theeye. The clarity of the cornea allows light to pass into the eye. The cornea separates inside of the eye from the atmosphere. In the normal eye the cornea is spherical and converges the incoming light. this light than gets focused on the fovea on the retina to give us clear vision.The apex of the cornea is line with thefovea of the eye.The keratoconus eye is not healthy. In the keratoconus eye, the structure of the cornea is weak allowing for the forward bulging of the cornea.
keratoconus is the inability of the cornea to withstand the normal eye pressure due to decreased number of corneal lamellar leading to decreased tensile strength of the cornea. This affects the vision. In this website devoted to keratoconus, we will further define this disease of the cornea. We are going to ask questions like what causes keratoconus? We will study the symptoms of keratoconus patients may experience. The signs of keratoconus will be shown with pictures. We will look at the pathological changes in corneal layers in keratoconus. We will focus on genetics of keratoconus and whether the eyes of family members of patients with keratoconus may have involvement of
their eyes. We will discuss keratoconus treatment,including contact lenses for keratoconus, intacs for
keratoconus and corneal cross linkage. Corneal transplant and combination therapies for keratoconus
will be elucidated. Finally, living with eyes with keratoconus and support groups will be addressed.

We have also set up various easy monthly payments for treatment of keratoconus. You also have the option of buying gift certificates for keratoconus and paying online. A Keratoconus blog disseminates the latest news and research results. A discussion forum on keratoconus and treatment options allows the patients to interact and help form a support group.

Our offices are located in Beverly Hills and Westlake Village. Patients suffering from Keratoconus come to seek treatment from california and allover the world.Spreading Vision – One eye at a time!

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